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Report of Giving 2021-2022

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Board Chair Message


Dear Poly friends,


The 2021-2022 academic year was a landmark time. We had 1,064 individuals apply to Poly, a record number and an increase of 9% from the prior year. Ninety seniors graduated, all of whom received offers of admission to top four-year colleges and universities. And the Poly Fund, a critical source of funds for all of our operations, reached an impressive $4.5 million, thanks to the generosity of all of you.

These accomplishments both inspire and humble me. I’m honored to serve as the Chair of the Board of Directors and to partner with Head of School John Bracker. The pandemic tested all of us in profound ways, but the collective commitment to Poly’s mission of each and every member of the Poly community has never been more evident. Most importantly, the faculty and staff truly rose to the occasion, dedicating themselves to create the conditions for our students to thrive and pursue their passions while navigating an unpredictable landscape.

All of which leads me to ask that we all take a moment to reflect on the importance of our community—its traditions, multi-generational support, transformational teaching, and relentless focus on preparing each student to lead in an unknowable future. These foundational elements all rest on your financial support and personal engagement.


With gratitude,


Todd Molz
Chair, Board of Trustees (2021-present)

P ’14, ’17, ’23

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Board of Trustees 2021-2022
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Todd Molz, Chair, (2021-present)

Mohsin Ansari

Koko Archibong ’99

Kwame Brathwaite

Ezra Callahan ’99

Rosalina Cardenas

Kristin Ceva

Priya Desai

Mark Holdsworth ’83

Ming Hsieh

Alexander Hudnut

Stanley Liu

Roberto Longoria

Lori MacPherson ’85

Judith McDonald

Todd Molz

Denise Nelson Nash

Maricruz Prado

Peter Rice

Elisa Rodriguez ’01

Anthony Russo

Maggie Sabbag ’87

Sonia Singla

Courtenay Valenti

Click here to meet the new trustees who joined the board during the 2021-2022 school year.

Message from Head of School


John Bracker.jpg

Dear Poly community,


In third grade, my teacher presented a reading challenge to the class—everyone would read as many books as possible in one month. She put a poster in front of the room that tracked our progress, and the competition was on. Like most great teachers, she knew exactly what she was doing. The class rose to the challenge, and we read and read and read. I did not win, but I discovered the Concord Public Library’s biography section and my love for history.

My life and choices have been framed by transformative teaching at all levels of my education. Similarly, our students at Poly are challenged, supported, cajoled, and inspired by their teachers daily. While the results in the classrooms and art studios, on the playing fields and the stage are more obvious, the quiet moments—when something clicks for a student and a whole new world unfolds—are what distinguish transformative teaching from mere instruction. These slivers of time ignite curiosity and become the foundation for the lifelong impact of a Poly education.

jbrackerSig2020print copy.png

In this Report of Giving, we share examples of transformative teaching, generosity, new ways of thinking, and how we investigate and approach the world we live in. Among the philanthropic stories presented here, we spend time in Dr. Bala Selvakumar’s classroom to learn about the Poly Research Initiative that has allowed our students to publish their research at the national level and also consider how Brandon Takahashi’s ’22 service to Japanese American elders was nurtured during his time at Poly and beyond.

I encourage you to dive into these meaningful stories from our community to learn more about our commitment to transformative teaching.

Thank you for your dedication and generosity to Poly.



John W. Bracker
Head of School




Elisa Rodriguez ’01, President

Anton Anderson ’85

Katie Antonsson ’11

Robynn Brathwaite ’94

Pradip Chandrasoma ’05

John Coogan ’07

Daniel Cunningham ’91

Marisa Echeverria ’96

Richard Kim ’98

Elise Kuo ’07

Cindy Lam ’02

Ankarino Lara ’93

Caitlin Latta ’07

Joseph Masters ’18

Katrina Kuehn Onderdonk ’93

Jennifer Rho ’00

Jethro Rothe-Kushel ’99

Andrew Schwartz ’96

Sarah Schoellkopf ’92

Natalie Kolawa Stone ’03

Amit Sura ’00

Emily Williams ’86

Alexander Wyman ’05

Student Representatives

Aleena Bhatti ’22

Alexis K. ’23

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